Positano is one of the most famous villages situated on the Amalfi Coast. Thanks to the nice weather and to the beauty of the landscape, it has been a place for vacations since the Roman Empire. “Le scalinate” (the steps), that go from the top of the village to the sea, are very popular. The 2 beaches reachable on foot, are Spiaggia Grande e Fornillo; the others are reachable from the sea. You can get Positano also by a boat, called “Metrò del mare”.
Positano is an old village. In medieval period, many towers were built in order to control the coming of Saracens who used to destroy everything. The first tower is situated outside the village, where Amalfi Coast ends and Sorrento Coast begins. Once the Arabian boats were seen, a shot of cannon was fired from the first tower, so the second did and so on. This way, the inhabitants had enough time to shelter on the top of the village.
The legend says that in the XII century A.D., a boat with a painting of The Virgin Mary Assunta, was passing by the village, but there was a strong wind, so it was hard to sail. Suddenly, the sailors heard a voice coming from the painting saying… POSA, POSA.. that means .. “stop here”. The inhabitants took it in a church in the main square, but the morning after, they found it on the beach again. In that place, they started to built a new church dedicated to the Virgin Mary that is one of the most beautiful in Italy.