> 500 m far away from the sea

The  GRAND HOTEL PAESTUM is just 500 metres from the sea, and then from the site of Community importance, SIC IT8050010 Coastal bands on the left and right of the Sele River, which is a flat, salty lagoon originally Tyrrhenian coast , where was made following an afforestation in Pinus Pinea . Currently, between the sea and the hotel complex is spread a thick pine forest. It is a pine forest dunes site of ancient plant, with riparian vegetation   of willows  and an interesting migratory fauna for this reason, many species of birds can find themselves even in the Park of the Grand Hotel Paestum.

> 2 km far away from paestum

Along the road that runs alongside the complex, you reach the magnificent archaeological site of Paestum in just 2 km, by bicycle, at the disposal of our customers. 


The GRAND HOTEL PAESTUM  is located in the seaside resort of Capaccio, in a section called "Lupo", the original family of landowners who from Naples, moved to Paestum already towards the end of 1800 to follow its own cultures and agricultural production and to enjoy the seaside for holidays  Starting with the original elements of the family Latif (former residence and other outbuildings), in a private park of 90000 square meters, surrounded by the Grand Hotel Paestum is inspired by the classic elements and character of the architecture of the 800.


The complex is rich in trees, citrus trees and plants of the Mediterranean, with fragrant blooms and picturesque corners of plants typical of the region, where a flock of  birds has found its natural habitat.

The Grand Hotel Paestum is a corner of paradise, an oasis of peace and beauty that welcomes guests in a unique natural setting, stay means carving out some time for yourself with a walk in the Park by lights, fountains and water features. Designed with native essences makes an enchanting atmosphere, just to observe the ancient olive trees, discover trails open up between rare plants, be pampered and enjoy a dinner in one of the two gourmet restaurants, for a more casual atmosphere but unique flavors.