Ravello is situated on a hill above two small and pretty villages, called Maiori and Minori, on the Amalfi Coast. The tourists, especially English and American people, are attracted by its famous “villas”, like Villa Cimbrone, known for the wonderful view, appreciated also byJ. F. Kennedy.
Ravello and Maiori have been the areas where Rossellini shot some films after the World War.
Ravello was built in the V century as a shelter from barbaric invasions that destroyed Romanic Empire. It had its greatest time during the IX century, but, after the destructions of the war, most of its inhabitants moved to Naples. When Italian Government was in Salerno, The king Vittorio Emanuele III lived in Villa Sangro.
Very famous in the Duomo that was built in the XI century. In its chapel made in 600 is guarded S. Pantaleone’s blood,
Richard Wagner visited Ravello in the middle of the XIX century and he was inspired from these places for his masterpieces. Since then Ravello became a place visited from the most famous musicians, like verdi and